Air Force School,ASTE

Head Mistress Message

Mrs.Korobi Dey

Headmistress AV Camp

Air Force School,ASTE

HM’s Message

“Teach with all your heart” is my advice to teachers at Air Force School, ASTE.

We have an outstanding, committed and enthusiastic teaching team at Air Force School ASTE where the focus is always on the holistic development of every student to reach to their potential. Our teachers are facilitating the absorption of new ideas and concepts, creating experiences and opportunities for learners to explore and encouraging them to be active participants in the teaching-learning process.

The pandemic taught us that there can be no substitute for schooling. A child acquires many life skills including social skills when he/she attends school. The bond between the student and teacher helps the process of learning to carry on effortlessly.

Parents and teachers share a common goal, that of helping our children spread their wings. Let us all work together in helping our students to “FLY HIGH”.

Let us inform you about everything important directly.