Air Force School,ASTE

Head Mistress Message

Mrs.Swarnalatha Prasad

Headmistress GV Camp

Air Force School,ASTE

Message from Head Mistress GV Camp

Educators have the honour of knowing that they touch lives every day.Teaching lets you ignite others with your passion for learning.

The teachers of AFS, ASTE endeavour to enhance the self-confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility of students by boosting their real competency.The school's best ally in the task of nurturing a student's urge to learn first and foremost are the parents.

Parents are their children's first teachers. They create the conditions in which children learn more effectively. Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is critical in children's education. A loving environment at home with good relationships among family members proves conducive to learning. Communication is the key. Regular interactions are a must, between the parent and the child as well as the parents and teachers.

We at AFS, ASTE aspire to motivate, inspire and encourage our little ones to blossom into happy and confident children ready to face challenges with smiles.The school magazine provides another avenue for the children to display their creativity. I would like to congratulate the editorial team for bringing out yet another commendable edition of the school magazine. Kudos to the editor & her team.

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