Air Force School,ASTE

Principal Message

Mrs Chumki Nath


Air Force School, ASTE

Principal's Message

To begin with, I request all of you to place on record the brave hearts who have been working tirelessly putting at risk their own life, all the volunteers, health professionals all over the world. Their selfless service is commendable. Let us in spirit wish and pray for all the people who have been affected by the virus directly and indirectly.

2020 is an unusual year. Unusual because somewhere towards the end of the previous academic year a lockdown was announced because of Covid19 and the present one continued with the hopes of reopening. Well, as a principal I’m happy to report that it's only a physical lockdown for us at Air Force School, ASTE. In the real sense, we have never been more liberated and more unlocked. Whether it is in the artistic sense or in the sense of literary activities or in the sense of general activities which we do, I think the lockdown has really brought out the best in us.

However normal life must go on, as we will not let a weird pause affect us, our creativity, our functions and even our calendar for that matter.

Our talented and ever-willing –to- work staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been showing their care and concern for the school and students;working from home, preparing notes and engaging classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academics. They have been lending their hand in crucial administrative duties by going beyond the call of duty to meet the deadlines. I would like to acknowledge their commitment and care for the institution.

As always we intend to do great things together as students, parents and staff. We will be back in person with our students at some point. Until then, we will become stronger as we support one another throughout this year’s journey, and we will come out the other side of this as better students, better educators and an even better and stronger school and community than we were before.

I look forward to working closely with everyone and wish you all a very wonderful and gainful school year.

Let us inform you about everything important directly.