Air Force School [AFSASTE]

School Calender


M.P Camp and A.V Camp

Date Day Events
4th Tue Ramnavami
5th Wed School Reopen
7th Fri CCA Paper fan making (Grades I &II) ,Bulletin board decoration (Grades III - V)
8th Sat Second Saturday
14th Fri Good Friday
15th Sat CCA Stone painting (GradesVI-VIII)
21st Fri CCA Grains pasting (Grades I&II), Article writing (III - V)
22nd Sat CCA Article writing (Grades VI - VIII)
28th Fri CCA Flower making (Grades I & II),Paper Jewellery making (Grades III-V)
29th Sat Last Working day (Half day)
Date Day Events
3rd Wed Summer Vacation Commences
Date Day Events
22nd Thu School Reopens
23rd Fri CCA Boat making(Grades I&II) Model from Straw (Grades III -V)
24th Sat CCA English Handwriting (Grades VI to VIII)
26th Mon Id -Ul -Fitr
30th Fri Last Working Day(half day )
Date Day Events
1st Sat CCA Essay on Van mahotsava ( Grades VI to VIII)
8th Sat Second Saturday
14th Fri CCA -Fruit/Vegetable printing(Grade I to V)
15th Sat CCA -Solo Singing (Grade VI to VIII)
21st Fri CCA -Solo Singing (Grade I to V)
22nd Sat CCA-Quiz (Grade VI to VIII)
24th Mon Quarterly Exam
25th Fri CCA Solo Dance(Grade I to V)
26th Sat CCA -Pick and Speak-current affairs (Grade VI toVIII)
31st Mon Last working day -Half Day
Date Day Events
4th Fri CCA Rakhi Making (Grade I to V)
5th Sat PTM (I to V) ,CCA Rakhi Making (Grade VI to VIII)
12th Sat Second Saturday
15th Tue Independence Day Celebration
18th Fri CCA PenStand (Grade I to V)
19th Sat CCA File Making (Grade VI to VIII)
25th Fri Ganesh Chaturthi
26th Sat CCA -English Poetry Recitation (Grade VI to VIII)
Date Day Events
1st Fri CCA - Paper Folding (Grade I &II) ,Mahendi Designs (Grade III to V)
2nd Sat Bakr-id
8th Fri CCA-Fun with candy Sticks (Grade IV to VIII)
9th Sat Second Saturday
15th Fri CCA Self Makeup (Grade I &II),Paper Bag Making (Grades III to V)
16th Sat CCA -Hindi Debate (Grades VI to VIII)
22nd Fri CCA-Just a Minute-Hindi(Grades IV&V),Puppet Making (I-III)
23rd Sat CCA -Kavi Sammalan (Grades VI to VIII)
26rd Tue Automn Break Commences
Date Day Events
6th Fri School Reopens, CCA- Diya Decoration (Grade I-V)
14th Sat Second Saturday
19th Thu Diwali
20th Fri CCA- Doll Decoration (Grade I&II), Doll Making & Decorating it (Grade III-V)
21th Sat CCA - Tatoo Design for boys,Mehndi Design for Girls(Grade VI-VIII)
27th Fri CCA- English Alphabet Designing (Grades I to V)
28th Sat CCA -One Act Play Literacy (Monoact) (GradesVI-VIII)
31st Tue Last Working Day -Half Day
Date Day Events
3rd Fri PTM (Grades III to X)
4th Sat Guru Nanak's Birthday
10th Fri CCA Hindi Handwriting (Grades I to V)
11th Sat Second Saturday
17th Fri CCA -Fancy Dress (Grades I to V)
18th Sat CCA Poster Making (National Integration) (Grades VI-VIII)
24th Fri CCA Clay Modeling(Grades I-II) , Hindi Story Telling (Grades III-V)
25th Sat CCA -Warli Painting (Grades VI to VIII)
30th Thu Last Working Day -Half Day
Date Day Events
1st Fri CCA Hindi Akshara Design(Grades I-II) , Photo Frame(Grades III-V)
2nd Sat Milad -Un-Nabi
8th Fri CCA- Drawing and Shading (Grades I to V)
15th Wed CCA English Action Song(GradesI-II),BestOutof Waste(GradesIII-V)
16th Sat CCA Christmas Greeting Card Making (Grades VI-VIII)
22nd Fri CCA Christmas Greeting Card Making (Grades I_V)
23rd Sat PTM for Classes I-II Last Working Day(Halfday)
24th Sun Winter Break Commences
Date Day Events
10th Sat Second Saturday
28th Wed Working Day -Half Day
Date Day Events
10th Sat Second Saturday
28th Wed PTM
31st Sat Last Working Day -Half Day

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