Air Force School,ASTE

School Calendar


M.P Camp and A.V Camp

Date Day Events
1st Mon School Reopens
3rd Wed Drawing & Colouring I - V
10th Wed CCA Collage (I -II),Book Mark making (III to V)
17th Wed Mahaveer Jayanti
19th Fri Good Friday
24th Wed English action song (I-II), Solo dance (III-V)
Date Day Events
1st Wed Last working day (Half Day)
2nd Thu Summer Vacation Commences
Date Day Events
21st Fri School Reopens, International Yoga Day
26nd Wed CCA English Handwriting (I-V)
29th Sat Last working day(Half day)
Date Day Events
3rd Wed CCA Vegetable Printing (I&II),Wall hanging using paper plates( III to V)
10th Wed CCA Paper folding (I-II), English poem recitation (III to V)
17th Wed CCA Colouring (I to V)
24th Wed CCA English Alphabet Designing (I-II), Solo Singing (III to V)
31st Wed Last working day (Half Day)
Date Day Events
7th Wed CCA Drawing National Symbols (I-II), Rakhi Making (III to V)
12th Mon Id Ul Zuha
21st Wed CCA- Fancy Dress (I-II), Pot decoration (III to V)
26th Mon Half Yearly Exam begins
28th Wed CCA Fun with clay (I -II), Making of Ganesha Idol using clay (III to V)
31st Sat Last working day (Half day)
Date Day Events
4th Wed CCA Paper cup decoration (I-II), Rangoli using flowers (III to V)
7th Sat Half Yearly Exam ends
10th Tue Muharram
18th Wed CCA Best out of waste (I-II), Hindi poem Recitation (III to V)
25th Wed CCA Doll making (I-II), Pick & speak/Quiz (III to V)
30th Mon Last working day (Half day)
Date Day Events
2nd Wed Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
6th Sun Autumn break commences
10th Thu Id E-Milad
16th Wed School reopens
16th Wed CCA Hindi handwriting (I to V)
23rd Wed CCA-Diya Decoration (I to V)
27th Sun Diwali
30th Wed CCA Mask making (I to V)
31st Thu Last Working Day (Half day)
Date Day Events
6th Wed CCA-Solo dance(I&II),Puppet making (III TO V)
12th Tue Guru Nanak Jayanti
13th Wed CCA Making of night sky(I- II), Fancy dress (III to V)
20th Wed CCA Bindi pasting (I-II), Shloka recitation (III to V)
27th Wed CCA -Hindi poem recitation (I-II), Cooking without fire (III to V)
30th Sat Last Working Day (Half day)
Date Day Events
4th Wed CCA Pick & Speak (I - II), Greeting card making with pencil shaving (III to V)
11th Wed CCA Making of beads garland (I - II), Gift wrapping (III to V)
18th Wed CCA Making of Santa cap (I - II), Making of Christmas tree (III to V)
22nd Sun Winter break commences
Date Day Events
2nd Thu School Reopens
8th Wed CCA Drawing and decorating the Kite (I - II),Kite making(III to V)
22nd Wed CCA Making of Photo frame (I-II), Accessories stand (III to V)
26th Sun Republic Day
29th Wed CCA -English story telling (I &II),Quilling work (III to V)
31st Fri Last working day (Half day)
Date Day Events
8th Sat Second Saturday
29th Sat Last working day
Date Day Events
2nd Mon Annual Exam begins
7th Sat Second Saturday

Let us inform you about everything important directly.