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अnubhav is live again !!!! an exhibition of knowledge and talent- in which students will compete and showcase an array of literary and other dexterities beyond academics in varied age categories. This year is special for us as we are the pioneers in conducting online and offline events with more lively contests, thereby serving as a better platform of learning and a contribution to shaping the lives of students consistently. Being the trendsetters, we are proud to host fifth edition of अnubhav - 2022 with the theme ‘Conserve our planet – Be the one for the change’ for Classes IV to XII, we are delighted to invite all the schools across the country to join in the event on 29th Oct 2022 and illume the aspiration and accolades of creative mind. The fest encompasses a number of events ranging from singing to quiz competitions.
Let’s change the world, let’s shift it
Let’s shake and remake it
Let’s rearrange the pieces
The patterns in the maze
The reason for our days
In ways that make it better
In shades that make it brighter
That make the burden lighter
Because it’s shared, because we dared
To dream and then to sweat it
To make our mark and not regret it

Let’s plant a seed and humbly say:
I changed the world today!
Let’s change the world, let’s love it
Let’s hold it and unfold it
Let’s redesign the future
The fate of earth and sky
The existential why
Let’s fly to where there’s hope
To where the world is greener
Where air and water’s cleaner
Because it’s smart to make a start
To fix what we have broken
Our children’s wish unspoken
Let’s be the ones who rise and say:
We changed the world today!


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  1. This is an online event.
  2. Participants must choose compositions based on classical, Hindustani, and Carnatic music tunes will be accepted.
  3. Karaoke tracks can be used.
  4. Use of Taanpura and Shruti box is allowed.
  5. Use of other instruments is not allowed.
  6. Maximum 2 participants from each school are allowed to participate.
  7. Time limit: 1 min introduction and 3 min performance
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. The poster to be made on A3 size sheet shall be provided by the host school.
  3. Only one participant from each class is allowed to participate.
  4. Poster should not contain any personal details like Name, Class, School etc. of the participants.
    These details should be mentioned in registration form only.
  5. Time limit : 60 minutes
  1. This is an online event.
  2. Only one participant per category from each school is allowed to participate.
  3. Time limit: 1 min introduction and 3 min performance
  1. This is an online event.
  2. Only one participant from each school is allowed to participate.
  3. Only three shlokas should be recited in sanskrit.
  4. At the end of each shloka, its meaning should be explained only in Hindi.
  5. Students to memorize the shloka along with its meaning.
  6. Time limit : 1 min introduction, 3 min performance
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. The topic will be shared on spot to the participants and participants must write in English only.
  3. Only one participant from each school is allowed.
  4. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  5. Slogan must not contain any proactive, objectionable or inappropriate content
  6. Length: Not more than 30 words
  7. It should not exceed two lines
  8. It has to be quoted in (“); inverted commas;
  9. Slogans should be catchy.
  1. This is an online event.
  2. Only one participant from each school is allowed to participate.
  3. Use of Politics and Religion topics are strictly prohibited
  4. RJ Talk should contain the following elements:
  5. RJ would first introduce the channel Radio Udaan and can choose any slot of the day (Morning, evening or night)
  6. RJ will then introduce himself/herself with an adjective with an opening line
  7. Style of communication must be casual, conversational and interactive.
  8. Hindi and English or a mix of (English-Hindi) language can be used.
  9. Use of any foreign or regional language is not permitted.
  10. Use of any profanities and offensive language will lead to immediate disqualification.
  11. Team Anubhav will retain all rights of this competition.
  12. Duration : 1 minute introduction, 3 minutes performance
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. The participants have to make the working model in the said duration only.
  3. ONLY waste material should be used. However, stationary items like Fevicol, Scissors, Stapler, Tape etc. are allowed.
  4. Participants need to bring their own Waste Material. But use of partial, whole or readymade model and any other unfair means will directly lead to disqualification.
  5. Waste material could be anything like tetra packs, bottles, newspapers, old utensils, jute material or any second hand items that otherwise would be thrown away.
  6. The item would be rejected if not found to be a waste product or second hand item.
  7. No ready or semi-finished model or matter would be accepted from participant in competition.
  8. Time limit: 60 minutes
  9. Max 5 students per school (1 student per class)
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. Eligibility: Students of Grades VI - IX
  3. Individual event / Group event: Max 3
  4. Only one participant can present
  5. Participants must make and present their projects based on the given theme.
  6. All projects should include a display which is self supporting.
  7. This display should convey the basic understanding of the project's objectives.
  8. All equipment and other necessary materials must be furnished by the student. If electricity is needed, it should be indicated during registration.
  9. Max 3 participants from school and only one participant per theme is allowed to participate.
  10. Time limit: 60 minute
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. Nukkad Natak needs to be in Hindi.
  3. Participants will be judged on the basis of the originality of content/script.
  4. Teams are allowed to use Drum, Dholak, Flute or any other music instrument of their choice, but usage of mikes, lights, or other electrical instruments is not allowed.
  5. Any form of obscenity through actions or language may result in point deduction to disqualification.
  6. Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue.
  7. Use of fire (candle, diyas, etc.) and liquid item is strictly prohibited. Also, using any hazardous props/elements is forbidden.
  8. Only basic requirements like chair, table etc. can be provided. Teams must bring their props, costume, dressing and all other requirements
  9. Teams must be ready with everything in time as per instruction of organizer.
  10. No time for rehearsal will be given on the D-day.
  11. Time limit : 5 minutes
  1. This is an offline event.
  2. Two Levels: Preliminary: Written Test
    Final: Oral Quiz
    Only qualifying teams will compete in the finals
  3. Students of Grades IV - VIII
    Event Type: Group
    Category1: Students of Grades IV-V
    Category 2: Students of Grades VI-VIII
  4. Time limit: 60 minute

Let us inform you about everything important directly.